The Mueller Glass French Press has a 4 Level Filtration System to minimize sediment to the maximum. If there is some sediment in your coffee, this is likely to be from the tiny coffee ground particles that do not dissolve but provide for a fuller-bodied and more nuanced cup.

If you find your coffee is particularly gritty, then check the following:

  • That the grounds used are not too fine. It is recommended to use a coarse ground to ensure uniformity with the grind. Uneven ground sizes also lead to uneven extraction, which increases the bitterness of the coffee. If there is too much resistance when pushing down the plunger, then this may be an indication that the grounds are too fine.
  • When pressing down the plunger, ensure this is done gently and with a constant force. Any jerking or pushing too hard or fast will increase the chance of coffee grounds escaping through the filters. 
  • Ensure the filter assembly is firmly screwed on the plunger. 
  • Try ‘plunging’ twice. Gently repeating the plunge action will re-filter the coffee. Be sure to restart the plunge before reaching the full length of the first plunging action so as not to ‘disturb’ the coffee accumulated at the base. 
  • Alternatively, you may opt to press down the plunger only ½ -¾ of the way down, to ensure no granules are ‘disturbed’.